Imaginary friends, 2020
Fountain pumps, cochineal, madder, indigo, osage orange, silk, yak and wool yarns, carpet, electrical wire, water, plastic trays, copper pipe
Cochineal, yarn
Osage orange, yarn, crocheted electrical wire, carpet
Cochineal, yarn
Madder, yarn
Indigo, yarn
Indigo, yarn
Adding dyes to the fountains

Katturai, 2021
Crocheted electrical wire, etched copper plates

Amma map, 2021
Drawing by Ganga Srinivas
Drypoint on St. Armand Colored Papers, linen, lampworked glass pins; copper plates, organza, rice, lentils, tamarind, black pepper, cumin, coriander
Amma map
Amma map
Copper plate, organza tubes
Rice, lentils, tamarind, black pepper, cumin, coriander

mAllai mAttu, 2023
Double accordion book, handmade papers
The first of 11 palindrome verses written in the 7th C by the Tamil poet
Thirugnanasambandar. This kind of palindrome verse is categorized as a mAllai mAttu
(மாலை மாற்று), an exchanged or reversed garland.
Reads in 8 directions
Translations into modern Tamil and English by Kamakshi Narayanan
Mirrored text

என் கைகளால் அளந்தவை, 2021
Three-color screenprint on unbleached cotton sateen yardage

Courtesy of The Fabric Workshop and Museum. Photo: Carlos Avendaño
Printed during an apprenticeship at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia

Light trash, 2020
Carpet, lampworked glass, charcoal, sticker pottus, plaster casts, kolam powder, glitter, silicone aluminum foil, duct tape, alginate, silk, indigo, cochineal, walnut hulls, cotton yarn, chemical dye, hand-forged copper, steel wire, fork, foam
Woven cotton yarn, dyed silk
Charcoal, sticker pottus
Lampworked glass on steel, foam, carpet

Your hair is eating too!, 2020
Silk and cotton fabric, velvet book cloth, foundation, hair, hair dye, collagen paper, turmeric
Collagen paper soaked in turmeric
Foundation on velvet book cloth
Hair, hair dye
Fabric purchased at Nalli 100
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